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CFD Software

10th August, 2011

If you are looking to get the best experience from trading Contracts For Difference then you are going to want to check out the market and compare the different CFD software.

There are many CFD providers on the market that offer high quality software and online platforms.  When assessing which company to use you will want to consider the following:

Execution speed.  There is nothing more frustrating than waiting seconds for your trades to get actioned.  Luckily, the majority of the big players provide platforms that execute trades very speedily but some are more reliable than others.

Design.  Many traders are glued to their computer screens for most of the day so you are going to want to be using CFD software that is appealing to the eye.  Some of the nicer looking platforms are those operated by IG Markets, ETX Capital and City Index.

Buy-Sell spreads.  Spreads can differ from company to company and also from market to market.  Make sure you so your research before when considering CFD software to make sure you find the cheapest option for your needs.

Whether mobile trading is offered.  Most people have smart phones these days and many people use them to trade.  Mobile phone apps tend to have the majority of features that online platforms do including the ability to open and close contracts, view charts, set stop losses and more.  If this is something you think will be important to you then make sure your CFD platform provides it.

Sign up offers.  Many CFD providers offer new clients with cash back and free trading credit.  It would be advisable to take advantage of these sorts of offers as they can be a great way to test the water in a low risk environment.  For example, ETX Capital are currently providing a £250 safety net that protects you from losses up to the sum of £250 within the first ten working days of opening your account

As we mentioned most companies offer high calibre CFD Software that looks appealing, performs well and offers a number of useful features. Check out our homepage for a comprehensive list of the most highly regarded CDF software providers on the market.